OpenSeSim - Stock Exchange Simulator

OpenSeSim is an open source stock exchange simulation software written in Java.

Latest release: SeSim-002-alpha
SHA256: a1b6c9b004e0559a04011b175dd719f787138d4b8933c89742545d31d1b7876e

The source code for OpenSeSim is hosted on github.

How To Install

To run OpenSeSim the  Java runtime environment has to be installed on your computer. If you haven't already installed it, go to the Java download page , download and install it.

Download the latest release of SeSim here: SeSim-002-alpha

It's a JAR file (SeSim-002-alpha.jar) that can usually be started by double click if  the java runtime environment is correctly installed.
If you can't start the JAR file by double click, you can try to run it from command line by typing the following command:

java -jar SeSim-002-alpha.jar

Be sure you are in the same directory where SeSim-002-alpha.jar is stored when issuing the above command. Otherwise you have to specify the full path to the JAR file. On Windows that might look like this if the JAR file is on your Desktop:

java -jar C:\Users\YouUserName\Desktop\SeSim-002-alpha.jar

Getting started

There is still no documentation yet.

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