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By | February 19, 2017

Earning money by day trading is considered to be extremely hard. I've often read that about 95% of people who attempt day trading will lose money. This might be true and coincidences with my observations among people I know, because I don't know anybody who is able to make money by day trading.

But who are these 5% of people making money by day trading ? Do they really exist?

Sometimes I believe the only people making money by day trading are people writing about day trading or people teaching other people in day trading or people selling software for day trading or any other people doing things related to day trading but actually don't do day trading.

Do these 5% really exist?
If they exist, they are already rich, for sure, because they are the successful day traders, and if they still keep on day trading, they have a lot of power  to move the market.

So there was the question: What if I was one of these 5%? What if I was mighty? What if I had a nearly  unlimited amount of money? What if I had such a huge amount of money, that my orders will move the market? How does it feel to move the market by placing huge orders? What can I achieve by placing big orders?

Because it's very hard to jump out from the 95%  to the upper 5%  in real live, I decided to write a little piece of software which simulates real live market situations while cheating me into the upper 5% of day traders with a lot of money.

The program is called SeSim - The Stock Exchange Simulator. It is open source. You can download the source code from github. The software is still under development, but basic functionality is already given.

In the future I will write more about it here, how to us it, how to install it.

Stay tuned.

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