Samsung Galaxy S2 no GPS

By | July 20, 2014

There are many people who have problems with their Galaxy S2 smartphone using GPS. If  the problem occurs, the phone tells you that GPS were not available, and this condition can hold over a period of hours.

As many people who have this problem, as many hints and advises you can find, how to fix the problem. Some fixes need root access to the phone to change some ntp server entries, some other fixes claim to work without root access.

None of them worked for me, but I didn't try any fix which requires root access.

Now I will tell you, what worked for me:

  1. Clear AGPS data .  Therefore I used the app  GPS Test (go to settings and select Clear AGPS)
  2. Turn off GPS on your phone, switch the phone to airplane mode, Turn GPS on.
  3. Use an app like GPS Test to monitor the satellite signals until you get a position fix. This should take a few minutes.
  4. Now you can turn airplane mode off and do business as usual.
  5. When the problem reappears, repeat step 1 to 4.

This is not a real fix for the problem, it is more a workaround. I get the problem every one or two months.

And I am not sure, if my solution will work for you. Maybe this was just another useless hint, how to fix GPS problems with Samsung Galaxy S2, but if you get lucky with my solution, let me know.


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