An Open Source CAPWAP AC

By | July 13, 2014

A few months ago I did a survey about open source CAPWAP access controllers, but did't find any satisfying solution. There was one project with a partial working AC and WTP, but the source code was a very good example for how to not to write  C code, so I did't wanted to develop on this code base and decided to build an AC from scratch.

If you want to follow my efforts or want to contribute look at my Open Source CAPWAP project on GitHub and read this blog where I will report about this project from time to time.


One thought on “An Open Source CAPWAP AC

  1. M.Rock

    Hi, Thanks for the great work.

    I am trying to use the product from github. AC, and WEBGUI works fine. While they are running, I am trying to execute WTP. It fails with the message..
    Number of items 18
    Radios found
    Radio id 0
    Radio id 1
    ERROR: No discovery responses received
    ERROR: No IPs to join controller.

    What might be the issue?


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