Bitcoin vs. Gold

By | March 10, 2017

Bitcoin was raising, and the price for one Bitcoin is now around the same as for one ounce of gold.

So isn't it insane to pay for one Bitcoin as much as for one ounce of gold?

According to this article there are currently between 155,244 tonnes and 2.5 million tonnes of gold in the world. Nobody knows how much gold is actually there. In the opposite for Bitcoin we know exactly, how many coins are in the world. Currently there are around 17 million Bitcoins, but there will never be more than 21 million Bitcoins for sure.

Taking the minimum amount of gold (155,244 tonnes) converting it to ouncesĀ  (5,476,076,856 ) and setting it in relation to the maxim number of Bitcoins (21,000,000) we note, that there are 260 ounces of gold for every Bitcoin in the world.

This means: to get real price equality between Bitcoin and gold, the price of Bitcoin has still to raise 260 times from now on. And that's just the worst case, if there are actually "only" 155,244 tonnes of gold in the world. If there were 2 million tonnes of gold, the price for on Bitcoin should rise more than 3000 times.

So isn't it insane to sell one Bitcoin forĀ  the same price as for one ounce of gold?

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