Remove the Battery While Your Laptop is Plugged in?

By | April 19, 2014

Laptop BatteryThere are two kind of people in the world today. Those who remove the laptop battery, when the laptop is plugged in, and those who don't. The people, who remove the laptop battery, think they can extend the battery's life that way, and the other people, who leave the battery inserted, don't care about it.

Who is right?

There is no evidence that a laptop battery lives longer, if removed, whenever the laptop is plugged in. It is a question of faith.

But there are some reasons to not remove the battery:

  • The battery, if inserted, protects the laptop from dust.
  • Steady removing and inserting of the battery wears out the pins.
  • Removing and inserting the laptop ¬†battery shortens your own life by wasting time to remove and insert the laptop battery.

So people, who don't care about the laptop battery, are probably the smarter ones.

3 thoughts on “Remove the Battery While Your Laptop is Plugged in?

  1. BitcoinMarketplace

    The idea of taking the battery out every time alone seems to be a lot of work for the benefit you might get from it. All the work you do plus the risk of damaging the laptop and wearing components for a battery that can usually be replaced for less than $50

  2. ReplacementLaptopBatteries

    Leaving the battery plugged in, even after it has reached full charge, will not do significant harm to the battery. The charging circuitry will ensure that the charging stops once the battery is full, as measured by the amount of current the battery will accept while charging (a battery, as it charges, will accept less and less current given a certain charging voltage).

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