Also a CASIO fx-5800P Could Change Your Life

By | April 13, 2014

Lately we have seen, how to use  an HP 35s as Decision Maker, but not everybody owns an HP 35s. So if you have a CASIO fx-5800P or a similar device you have to write a different program.

Here we go.

Enter "Mode"  "5:PROG", then "1:NEW", name your file "DECISION MKR", and for "File Mode" chose  "1:COMP". Now type in the program, using "Function" "3:PROG" to enter the If-Then-Else statements, and "Function" "1:MATH" to select the Ran# function.

If Ran# <0.5
 Then "YES"
 Else "NO"

Yes, it's boring. The code isn't by far as cool as the code for the HP 35s.

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